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Be Daring, Vote for Change

Canada and Ontario have changed in the last decade, and we need to work together to take our country forward.

When we elect a Green candidate as either our Member of Parliament or Member of Ontario's Provincial Parliament, they will be free to work with all parties to:

  • build the green economy, 

  • protect our community from climate change impacts,

  • take care of seniors,

  • help students with the cost of post-secondary education,

  • create good local jobs, 

  • find solutions for affordable housing,

  • defend our Ottawa River, 

  • and move forward democratic reform.

Green Party members are gathering votes from people of all political stripes, and with momentum on our side it's looking very good for the growth of the Green Party here in Ottawa West—Nepean.


By becoming a member you are helping build a sustainable future.


Find out how you can get involved with the Greens in your community.


“I chose to lead the Green Party of Ontario because we do politics differently. We are committed to honesty, integrity and making decisions that put people first.”

 Mike Schreiner, Leader, Green Party of Ontario

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"The Green Party has a proud tradition of being daring. The policies we developed have made it from the margins of politics to the forefront, improving life for Canadians along the way. While it’s not easy or risk-free to be at the vanguard of public policy, evidence-based innovation is what sets the Green Party apart. As the party that puts people first, the Green Party of Canada must never stop innovating"

 Annamie Paul, Leader, Green Party of Canada