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2021 AGM Ottawa West - Nepean Green Party

This Sunday, June 12 2022, we will be holding our Annual General Meeting for our 2021 book year at the Nepean Sailing Club. In person no less. We invite you to join us to welcome our interim leader Dr. Kuttner to talk about the Green Party at the start of the AGM. Everyone is welcome to join.

You can also stay for the actual AGM meeting after the break, but know that only members can vote during the AGM.

The AGM takes places between 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm with Dr. Kuttner kicking off the afternoon at 1 pm sharp.

As we strive to be open and transparent, we are posting our documents on line for you to explore in PDF (500 KB) as we will be presenting them.

Please RSVP for the afternoon (even if you only plan to attend part of the afternoon) here. Respect some people's wish to keep a distance or wear a mask. Remember, it is in the Nepean Sailing Club, 3259 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. West of Andrew Haydon Park

20220612 CA and EDA report for 2021 for AGM
Download PDF • 494KB

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