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2022 Ottawa West - Nepean candidate Steven Warren stands up for the environment and autism

Left Mike Schreiner, GPO's political leader and right Steven Warren, who is running for the provincial seat for the Green Party in Ottawa West - Nepean.

Steven Warren is currently an honours student at the University of Ottawa studying political science. He is proud to be the Green Party’s youngest candidate, at 18 years of age, and hopes to be the first openly autistic MPP in Ontario.

The new Green Party candidate in Ottawa West - Nepean is dedicated to protecting Ottawa’s greenbelt and addressing local environmental issues. After experiencing firsthand the lack of support from Liberal and Conservative governments, he was motivated to run for more support for autistic Ontarians. Steven is running for MPP for Ottawa West-Nepean because he seeks to make change and protect Ottawa’s nature.

Steven puts his money wher his mouth is: here he is asking for better therapy for autistic children. (photo: Steven Warren)

He is committed to fighting for more affordable and sustainable housing, increased benefits for disabled Ontarians and tackling the climate crisis. He understands the difficulties and challenges faced by disabled and neurodivergent Ontarians, which is why he seeks to ensure they are fairly represented in Queen’s Park.

Says Steven: I am dedicated to protecting Ottawa West-Nepean's environment by stopping urban sprawl on the greenbelt, encouraging cycling by building better cycling infrastructure and putting an end to the highway 417 lane widening project."

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