Green Party new leader Annamie Paul

We have a new leader!

On October 4th Annamie Paul was elected as the new leader of the Green Party of Canada. The leadership was an actively contested race with eight candidates seeking the leadership. It took eight ballots to determine the winner. This indicates that all of the candidates had support and something to offer. To have such a diverse group of talented candidates shows how we are growing as a party.

15,000 new members

Throughout the country the party added over 15,000 new members. Here in Ottawa West-Nepean we added 88 new members to the Electoral District Association since Elizabeth May resigned as leader. This is an almost 36% increase in our membership. Welcome to each and every one of you.

We hope that you enjoyed the race and are satisfied with the outcome. We should all support Annamie, even if she was not your first choice. In politics, you always have to compromise to move your agenda along.

Become a volunteer

Lots of work has to be done from now on. Elections are always looming as you can see in BC currently. We also hope that you will become a volunteer for the EDA and also join the Green Party of Ontario. We appreciate all kinds of volunteers and we are aware that everyone has preferences: some like knocking doors, others like the admin side and yet others like to get the election signs out.

Join the board

Another way to help out expanding the Green Party is to join our executive team. We recently had a resignation from the team. Our Chair of Membership and Volunteers, Grant Penton, has stepped down, leaving a vacancy on the team. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Grant for all of his past efforts with the Electoral District Association and help grow our membership.

Additionally, there are several vacant roles on the Constituency Association (in short the CA, that is the provincial term for our riding association). Please consider joining. They are elected positions but the executive can appoint individuals to fill the roles until the next Annual General Meeting.

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