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Meet David Stibbe in Andrew Haydon Park on Tuesday, August 31

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

We are organising a get together and fund raiser tomorrow, Tuesday, August 31. Hope you can make it.

Andrew Haydon Park

In normal times, we would get together at some banquet hall to introduce our candidate, David Stibbe. But this time, it is different and therefore we rented the open air Green Gazebo in Andrew Haydon Park to meet and greet David and each other.

There is enough park to maintain a safe distance. Put the date in your calendar: Tuesday August 31, 7 pm - 8 pm Green party Meet and Greet


Elect David Stibbe Campaign


Andrew Haydon Park - Green Gazebo

3127 Carling Avenue, Ottawa

Great team in place

If you have followed us for a while, you have noticed we have a great team in place including a treasurer, data and mapping specialists, and communications and events organisers. They all chip in lots of time (and valuable knowledge) but some things need to be paid for.

Elections cost money

The elections regulator estimates the cost for this election could be more than $600 million. While we hardly spend money on the elections, we do need some money for election signs, the auditor who audits the books, a simple brochure etc. We are proud to say we have no debt though! And we will likely not incur any debt. That is just not in our g(r)enes.


So we hope you bring some money to help the Green Party in Ottawa West - Nepean further grow our base. Bring a cheque (remember: you can deduct 75% from taxes so that 100 dollars is really 25 dollars) and write it out to: Ursula Ferraro Official Agent for David Stibbe.

Two actions today

RSVP today by clicking on this link: Fundraising Event (

Donate here: Donate to Ottawa West—Nepean | Green Party of Canada

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