Something is Different

Is it the good weather that is long overdue, was it the eloquent and uplifting 2020 commencement address by President Obama or was it something else? Whatever it is, it is a welcome change.

As we start to slowly and cautiously come out from the weeks and weeks of isolation, it feels different. To me, there is a feeling of hopefulness and anticipation that the return to normal will be anything but a return to normal. The “new normal” will be one where our society will be, actually already is, kinder and more considerate of others. There is a focus on the well-being of not just ourselves and our families but of our neighbours and the community at large.

In the grander scheme of things, our weeks in isolation hardy compares to the hardships that our relatives of the past experienced. It is horrible that we have lost so many that are dear to us, but the situation could have been much worse. We did as we were asked and as we were told and now can enjoy some relief. However, it is not time to go back to the old normal. We still are in a global pandemic with no vaccine in sight. Nevertheless, we know more, we are more aware of what helps and what worsens our situation. We have better discipline over our actions and we are putting what we know to effective use.

We have an opportunity in front of us and we must not squander it! We have an opportunity to shape the “new normal”. We need to ensure that the kindness and compassion we displayed continues. We need to revamp many of our systems where flaws have been exposed. Most importantly we need to ensure that the looming crisis of climate change is seen as the next pandemic and do all we can to ensure it does not spring forth as another global pandemic.

I am proud of my fellow Canadians. We are resilient, resourceful and hopeful. Let us move forward with both joy and caution. Let’s make sure that we continue to help others and ensure our leaders hear us. The “new normal” cannot be the “old normal”. The Green Party is doing all we can to take this message to our existing leaders. Help us along the way and join us as a member both provincially and federally. Together we will get past this pandemic and make a greater society.

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