Stories from the Campaign: Looking Back

I am going to start posting regularly the experience and experiences I have gained during the past three months as a candidate, has it only been that long? As a rookie candidate there has been a steep learning curve. However as a full time time teacher I am appreciating every aspect of this experiential education in civics.

The beginning. Upon learning that I had won the nomination in June, my business experience kicked in. My first touch point was my riding association. Unfortunately the support at the riding level was minimal as strong ridings generally have strong candidates. As the previous candidates had essentially abandoned ship after each of the past three elections, there was a lot of work to be done just to get ready to launch a campaign. Thus July and August were focussed on creating the tangible products necessary for running a campaign. No sense in introducing myself to the public unless I had a website for people to refer too, a brochure with some information to read, a business card, and even just some banners and a pop up tent for events. I spent a considerable amount of time digging for graphics, building the website using WIX a non technical website builder, purchasing some of the basics such as a tent and some banners, and also starting the learning process. Lots of Green Party literature to read, and I also read David Meslin's book Teardown: Rebuilding Democracy from the Ground Up which was both inspirational and sobering. Then just because I am an Obama fan, I read his two seminal books Dreams from my Father and the Audacity of Hope, both which really illustrated that politics is a long journey requiring hard work. Last but not least I read a textbook called Tools for Grassroots activism published by Patagonia Clothing. Now though I still didn't feel truly prepared I felt like I had some materials and a basic idea of what I was getting myself involved in.

In front of one of my favourite locations in our riding, the beach at the end of the pier in Britannia Park.

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